KWHW Beautiful Baby Winners 2013


Eldorado Coop

Little School Learning Center

Southwest Technology Center

Belles and Beaux

First National Bank

Helena Chemical

Worrel Farms

Burl Winters

KWHW 93.5FM AM1450


Thanks to judges - Rosalyn Hall, Mona Guerra, Miss Altus 2013 Ashley Wheeler, Haley Bryce, Dean Johnson, Lori Sherman and Jill Owenby.
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Girls 0 to 6 months

1st Kate Harper Crownover

2nd Addler Layne Dunn

3rd Arbree Seddon

Boys 0 to 6 months

1st Liam Garcia

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Girls 7 to 11 months

1st Lillian Grimes

2nd Emmylou Mae Winters

3rd Aubrey Kate Decremer

Boys 7 to 11 months

1st Eli Porter Frias

2nd Darien Morgan

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Girls 12 to 18 months

1st Emmellen Downs

2nd Justice Gibson

3rd Brooklyn Miller

Boys 12 to 18 months

1st Marshall Pryor

2nd Kaedin Robertson

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